Balloons In The Air...

This literary work is actually just a figment of my imagination like the others but in compariosn, its plot is not yet fully developed and well-thought of. It's very abstract and is (as of the moment) comp- osed of random scenes I wish to include in the story.
The rain poured heavily from the sky making the view from my window pane distorted. I tried to make out the outlines of what seemed like a hustle and bustle outside, tracing contours of the images before me. I gave out a small sigh which was followed by a yawn. Lazy days I thought to myself. I put my chin in between my hands. I'm done with the household chores and did even more than I was obliged to do and also have read in advance in Chemistry and World History -though school hasn't even started yet. I was done for the day and resorted to staring out my window. My eyelids were almost drooping when I saw him. He was braving the storm with his expensive rubber slippers which, according to my estimation of the storm's signal, will soon wear off. All the drowsiness I felt earlier faded the moment I saw his face, which was the clearest picture I ever saw through the rain. He had perfectly round eyes and deep set eyelids which made him look like he's about to cry or fall asleep. His lashes were long and thick but not enough to make him look like a girl. His nose was a perfect angle and his lips were...well let's just say they look nice enough to press my lips into. Eww -I did not just think that out loud. He was of tall built, a little muscular -not at all scary muscular like the ones I see on wrestling programs on TV. He had a tan complexion and -is that a mole under his left eye? I ogled at him for what seemed like an eternity to me but was only a fraction of a second or two in reality.
Snap back to reality Hera.
So where was I?

The Birthday Girl...