The Birthday Girl...


Summer heat. Perfect summer house. Outing with friends. Your favorite band on venue.
These are the things that would compose the summer of Page. Together with her friends, Damien, Ashley, and Jean, they kick off high school with a bash!
Unfinished Story...
The concert is about to start.
The lights dim, except for the neon laser lights which dance around the ceiling, circling the dome, lighting it up with rays of green, pink and blue. Smoke appears on the stage, making the crowd go wild. "He's a She, She's a He! He's a She, She's a He!" they chant in chorus. A silhouette rises somewhere from the left of the stage. A bass chord is strung, a drumbeat follows. Together, the instruments play a rhythmic pattern which my heart is keeping pace with and I can feel my left foot involuntarily tapping to the beat. Separate spotlights slowly illuminate the bassist, the drummer. I start bopping my head, up and down. A chord from another guitar is strung, another spotlight. The tempo quickens, I get lost in the music. The vocals set in, "He'd write words and phrases that mess their faces...". The spotlights unite to illuminate the whole band. The crowd roars, the concert has started.