A Masquerade Party
Some Rock Concert



Remove the mask that you are wearing
Because I can see right through it
Don't fake the smiles you are showing
Because your eyes say everything

The burden you are keeping inside
Is engraved in your expression
Yes, your feelings you cannot hide
There's no one standing by your side

On your mask a smile is painted
Let us see whom you can fool
But see the smile you're wearing is tainted
With grief, now your smile has fainted

Now people are gathering in the middle
With masks on they slowly dance
To each other they just fiddle
Fooling the other with a riddle

But as the clock strikes midnight
Behold, your masks will be taken off
Now everyone will look at the sight
Of each other's faces with emotions at height

They'll all try to smile once again
Pretending to act like their masks are still on
But their fake emotions they can't sustain
Their true feeling has taken its reign

Now you'll slowly walk away
Pretending that you do not belong
Wait, nobody wishes to stay
For their real emotions have been given away